Windy Day. Tree Repairs

The Blogoozle Raiders are known for the random variety of topics that we cover. Usually, we like to write about less serious subjects, but we thought that it might be nice this time to give a shout out to a local business that we recently worked with.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the west side Denver suburbs, you know that we can get some crazy wind. Especially in the spring time, wind on the Front Range can be extreme.

 As natives, we’ve seen some strong winds, but we’ve never really had to deal with the destruction that can come with some of these winds. Recently however, we purchased a new home.

 One of the things we love the most about this house is that it has big, older trees. Well, one of these trees didn’t fare so well in one of this spring’s windstorms. It lost a few big branches, and over the last few months, has started to look sick.

 We did some online research and found that Westminster Tree Care ( is a great local business that helps people like us resolve tree problems. They visited our home and took a look at our tree.

 It apparently was susceptible to breaking in the wind, because it was sick. There wasn’t much we could do to save the tree, and so it was suggested that we have it removed. The tree expert we met with said that if we kept it the tree would continue to break.

 So, we had our tree removed. We thought it was going to be expensive, but Westminster Tree Care ( had really competitive prices, and it wasn’t nearly as pricy at we had expected. And, because we have a big empty space in our yard, and we were pretty bummed to lose a tree, Westminster Tree Care even recommended a great replacement tree.

 We really appreciate Westminster Tree Care. They were affordable, honest, and provided great service. We hope we never have to use them again, but if we have another tree problem in the future, they will be the first on our list to call.